How do you make your shoes more comfortable? While this question may seem to be a little out there, you’d be surprised how many people struggle when trying to get more comfortable shoes. Honestly, the amount of people who go through the agonizing process of buying multiple pairs of uncomfortable shoes can be staggering. 

The good news is that there are some simple ways to get comfortable, fitted shoes so that you can feel confident and stay on your feet for hours at a time! Below are a few easy and simple ways to alter your shoes to make them more comfortable to wear.

Stay Away from Slip-Ons 

I know; we all love the ease of a slip-on shoe. But it isn’t always to best for our feet. Mainly in preventing accidents and injuries. Slip-on shoes can make us clumsier and don’t offer great support. For someone who is always on their feet, it’s best to steer clear of these types of shoes. Instead, opt for something more supportive and fitting such as a sneaker with laces or straps. 

Purchase Custom Insoles 

Did you know that you can have custom insoles made just for you? I’m not talking about using that fancy machine you see in drugstores that pinpoints your pressure points. Although those can be good for short-term use, they don’t offer the same customization as custom insoles. At Dale’s Shoes, our shoe care experts have extensive knowledge in creating custom insoles for our clients. These help to alleviate all types of health concerns involving, your feet and poor posture. 

Wear the Right Socks 

The type of socks you wear with your shoes can significantly impact your comfort. A sock that is too bulky will make your shoe feel tight and constrict the blood flow. A sock that is too thin or loose can create chafing. Instead, opt for a sock that is more form-fitting and not too loose or tight to prevent these issues from occurring. If you are on your feet a lot, it’s best to opt for socks that are moisture-wicking to help prevent smelly feet, shoes, and other health issues. 

Find the Perfect Shoe

To get the ultimate comfort out of your shoes, it’s essential to find the perfect fit, to begin with. Although it’s not always easy here at Dale’s Shoes, we can help! Our professionally trained staff will work with you to create the perfect fitting shoe. We work with many insurance plans to help our customers with custom shoe modifications and diabetic shoe fittings. Our services are designed to help you relieve foot pain and improve your overall health. 


There’s no reason you should wear uncomfortable shoes anymore. Now that you know how to make your shoes more comfortable, we hope you’ll be able to wear them for hours on end, even on your busiest days. Dale’s Shoes is opening in a brand-new location this coming new year! And we are still offering our same exceptional services and selection of shoes! Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with our grand re-opening!