Imagine this; you walk into a generic shoe store to buy your next pair of footwear. Your hopes are high, but after trying on one too many shoes, you become overwhelmed with defeat. This experience is common among shoppers and can leave you not wanting to try on another shoe again. 

At Dale’s Shoes, our professionals will guide from beginning to end. We offer many shoe services which include: 

  • having a continuous stock of comfortable shoes to choose from
  • minor to drastic customization and alterations 
  • offering shoe repair to prolong the life of your shoe 

Let us redeem your shoe shopping experience. Join us today to discuss our services that will help you find the perfect pair of shoes. 

Large Selection 

When you walk into our storefront, you will see a wide range of comfortable shoes that we have in stock. We offer brands that won’t make you sacrifice fashion for comfortability. The brands we carry range from:

  • New Balance 
  • Dansko
  • Brooks 
  • Florsheim 
  • Rockport 

Plus, many more! With plenty of options in style, color, and sizes to choose from, you are more likely to find the ultimate pair. Luckily for you the experience doesn’t stop here. We pride ourselves on offering professional customization. Our in-house shoe cobblers will help you achieve an even better fit. 

Shoe Services: Customized for You 

Every person is unique in their own way; feet are no exception to that. Our customization services fix your shoe to fit your unique foot shape, size, or concern. An in-house professional cobbler will help to design your perfect fit. These shoe magicians can make any type of alteration, big or small, to make your shoe more comfortable, alterations can include: 

  • shoe stretching to achieve a customized size 
  • adding inserts or fittings for comfort and pain relief 
  • adding strap extensions to make putting shoes on or off easier

You don’t need to settle with a mediocre shoe. We will help you make the perfect fit with the use of our customization shoe services. 

Repair and Save Your Favorite Shoes 

Everyone owns those pair of shoes that you have worn almost everywhere. Through the years of wear and tear, your shoes become worn-down faster and have more than likely reached their end. 

Luckily there is no need for you to toss them in the garbage just yet. We can bring the life back into your old shoes to keep you enjoying their comfort even longer. Our repairs range from: 

  • shoe shining
  • placing in new soles 
  • adding new footbeds 

These simple repairs can save you time, money, and unnecessary emotional stress. 

At Dale’s Shoes, our shoe services will have you feeling better about shopping for your next pair of shoes. Our professionals can offer many services that other shoe stores might not. Find the right comfortable shoe, customize it, and bring it in for a facelift. Come to our store in Daytona Beach today or call to speak to one of our shoe experts. You will leave our store with the perfect fitting shoes feeling confident, comfortable, and pain-free.