Diabetic shoes are specially designed to address foot conditions that are specific to diabetics sufferers. These include blood circulation disorders, foot ulcers, paralysis or skin damage caused by diabetic neuropathy. Diabetic shoe benefits help to bring some or all of these problems under your control.

But what is the difference between diabetic and regular shoes? To understand this difference, we have to ask, first of all, “What are diabetic shoes and what are their special features?”

Luckily for you, that’s just what we’re doing in today’s article.

Diabetic Shoes: Special Features

Diabetic shoes, by way of design, should include certain features and fit in such a way as to relieve feet prone to diabetes. The best shoes for diabetics include the following special features and characteristics:

  • special construction
  • protective interiors made of soft materials
  • sewing work that does not protrude or irritate
  • uppers without binding to prevent pressure 

Regular shoes are typically the opposite of this, with hard materials and no real regard for pressure applied to the forefoot, heel or toe. These aren’t necessarily “bad” shoes, but they certainly are not designed for diabetic relief.

Further Advantages of Diabetic Shoes

The structure and design of shoes for diabetics provide a clear orthopedic advantage. They not only provide pain relief and comfortable fit but also help to:

  • provide better motion control
  • circulation
  • prevent skin breakages
  • prevent the formation of calluses
  • reduce the occurrence of high-pressure foot problems

Finally, readers should note that, if you have diabetic neuropathy or other foot problem associated with diabetes, you can’t wear regular shoes. And why is that? Many foot problems arising from diabetes can develop into more serious health complications, but they can all also be prevented. It’s common sense to take steps to promote foot health and general well-being by wearing the right shoes, and this is especially true if these shoes can be covered by your insurance.

Diabetic Shoe Benefits

Ultimately, the best way to treat any medical condition is to use the appropriate medication. In the case of diabetes, insulin, diet, and healthy lifestyles are all crucial elements to maintaining your health. When it comes to maintaining your level of comfort, however, the diabetic shoe benefits in today’s article can’t be overstated.

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