In today’s busy technological world, most of us now own or are in contact with a step-counting product of some kind. We think, and hope, they are making us more aware of how far we walk and how active we really are on a daily basis.

What we fail to realize, however, is the punishment we put our shoes through on a continuous basis. They need love too, especially since a good shoe purchase is a sound decision not only on the pocketbook but for our everyday health. That’s why upkeep is crucial, no matter the shoe and no matter the owner. 

The ways you can prolong the lifespan of a shoe depends on your dedication to shoe care. If you can follow these few easy tips to keep your shoes in good working order, your shoes will be sure to reward you through your next hundred miles. 

Shoe Care Tips

Love the shoes? Buy two. Like humans, shoes need to breathe in between wearings, so it often makes sense to buy two pairs of shoes, especially if you like them and plan on wearing them often.

Waterproof protectors. Especially necessary for those rain-soaked Florida afternoons, these handy dandy protectors will prolong the life of your shoes.

Wear socks. Feet sweat, but if you can avoid perspiration, you can stave off breaks and wearing out in the insole material. Socks are a great way to do this.

Clean those things. Use alcohol swabs or a few drops of tea-tree oil to wipe down your shoes, inside and out, especially when they get visibly dirty.

Leather needs moisturizing. A leather polisher will help block the salt from both the Florida air and your own body sweat (sorry), prolonging the life of your shoe, overall.

While there are many products on the market to help maintain your shoe’s integrity, these steps will set you up to start saving money in the long run and keeping your shoes in top shape for the long run. 

And, it goes without saying that, in most instances, a quick trip to the cobbler could save you pennies and extend the life of your shoe, as well. Dale’s Shoes is a full service shoe store. Visit us today for all your brand name shoe needs.