Luckily, most of us reading this blog are living in the great state of Florida. Presumably, most are here for the same reason: the incredible year-round weather which makes for the perfect active lifestyle. All you have to do is ask around, and you’ll find people sick of shoveling snow headed south.  And, make no mistake, being active is very much the popular choice around these parts. As running comes in at the top of that list, the right running socks to pair with the right shoes is an important decision to make.

Why Choose Feetures Running Socks

Running socks have actually become a major item in the health and fitness industry, over the last few years. With as many local and national marathons as there are, each year, people take this sport very seriously. Which means that many new high-end running accouterments have entered the marketplace. 

Thankfully, Feetures, has entered the market, too, and maintained their ‘foothold’ in the market with sky-high consumer ratings and a selection of amazing products. What sets them apart from their rivals? It’s that consumers rave about these socks, in particular, more than any other product. They are at the top of the consumer rated list.

Just look at a few of the qualities you’ll find in every pair:

  • iWick moisture control
  • Seamless design
  • Secure fit
  • Lots of color options
  • Prevents chafing and blisters
  • Cushioned
  • Support and stability
  • Target Compression

The top ten Feetures socks are, in order based on 13 hours of research and 1115 reviews:

  1. Elite Max Cushion (98.3 Rating)
  2. Elite Ultra Light Cushion No Show Tab (94.3 Rating)
  3. Elite Merino+ Cushion No Tab (91.8 Rating)
  4. High Performance Cushion Crew (89.8 Rating)
  5. Merino Cushion Crew (88 Rating)
  6. Elite Max Cushion No Show Tab (86.8 Rating)
  7. Elite Ultra Light Low Cut (83.8 Rating)
  8. High Performance Cushion Quarter (83.3 Rating)
  9. Elite Light Cushion Mini Crew Athletic (77.8 Rating)
  10. High Performance Ultra Light No Show (79.3 Rating)

When purchasing Feetures Socks at Dale’s Shoes and Pedorthics, mention you read about the product on their blog. It just may change your life. We can’t promise you’ll run any faster, but you will run in comfort.