As much as we know that our feet impact our posture and overall wellness, much like the rest of our body, you would be amazed at how few people take proper care of them. Healthy feet can give you the mobility to enjoy your life to the fullest. And implementing an easy-care routine can help to prevent infections, foul odor, and bacteria growth. Still, our feet take a lot of abuse–from ill-fitting shoes or from standing around in the same place all day–and so they need to be looked after. If you want to show your feet proper care and attention, read below for a short guide to keep your feet healthy.

1. Practice Good Hygiene 

The first care tip that comes to many people’s minds when taking care of their feet is good hygiene. Although this seems simple enough, it can be the most challenging tip to implement. When you bathe or shower, make sure to spend some time scrubbing your toes and the bottom of your feet. You might be surprised how dirty they actually can get. Trim back your toenails to avoid overgrowths and prevent them from digging into your other toes, causing discomfort and pain. A well-manicured foot will make you look and feel better than ever before.  

2. Protect Your Feet 

As children, we often wandered around outside barefoot and would dread the moment our parents scolded us for not wearing shoes. Although it might have been fun having that freedom, our parents were only looking out for our health and safety. Sharp objects, hot concrete, bugs, and other things that live on the ground can harm our feet. By wearing the proper footwear, whether you are enjoying the beach, snorkeling in the ocean, or hiking, you’ll ensure that nothing gets in the way of enjoying your activity. 

3. Wear the Right Footwear 

Now, the proper footwear can make you feel like you can accomplish anything! On the other hand, improper footwear can cause more harm than good. Ultimately you want to keep a few things in mind when finding the perfect pair of shoes, such as:

  • Comfort
  • Breathability
  • Fit

If your shoes are too tight, not breathable, or don’t fit properly, they can create a host of complex health complications. Going on a run? You’ll need comfortable shoes designed specifically for running. Hiking on a strenuous trail? You’ll need shoes that are supportive and comfortable for the long journey. Getting shoes for the right activity can make a big difference and protect your feet from damage. 

4. Wear Good Socks 

Did you know that each foot has approximately 125,000 sweat glands? Everyone’s feet sweat some might more than others, but this is a common issue among many people. Often the sweat from our feet, even from just walking, is enough to cause harmful bacteria to grow and transfer on the inside of our shoes. 

Without socks, these harmful bacteria can cause smelly feet, shoes, and health issues such as fungus growth on your feet. A good pair of socks can help extend the life of your shoes and keep your feet healthy. So, to prevent discomfort and bacteria growth, always opt for moisture-wicking sock material such as polyester or nylon. 

5. Don’t Share Shoes 

Sharing shoes is almost like sharing a dinner fork. Bacteria is easily transferred from one person to another via fork or, in this case, shoe. Some foot infections, such as athlete’s foot, are contagious and can be spread through sharing shoes, socks, or even walking on a contaminated surface. Sharing footwear can also ruin the integrity of your shoes. 

6. Visit the Podiatrist

We often schedule daily physicals with our doctors to ensure that we stay healthy and address any issues to maintain our health. However, it may not be necessary to visit the podiatrist as often it’s still important to go if you find that you are suffering from an infection or any other foot-related issue. 

You can also stay proactive on your foot health by examining your feet daily. Self-examination can prevent problems from worsening. Ultimately you know your body better than anyone else and can advocate for yourself when addressing foot-related issues.  

Keep Your Feet Healthy: Conclusion

Many factors can help keep your feet healthy. Therefore, being proactive about your foot care can prevent you from ending up with infections, bacteria growth, foul odor, and pain. Here at Dale’s Shoes, we understand how important it is to maintain healthy feet. Our shoe care experts are trained to provide you with medical services such as pediatrics to help relieve standard foot-related issues. We work with many of Florida’s leading healthcare providers to offer our customers the products they need to live a healthy life. We will be opening a brand new location in a few months and will be offering the same excellent services!