Ready. Set. Go. 
Marathons have been around for centuries. According to legend, Greece held the first marathon in 490 B.C.  As history writes, a Greek soldier named Pheidippides ran from Marathon to Athens to announce the defeat of the Persians to the fearless Athenians. One must wonder what kind of footwear he was wearing at this time. The only guarantee we can make is that it is not likely any of the marathon shoes for beating your personal best featured on our list today.

A Quick History of the Marathon

Professional runners take marathons very seriously. They typically travel the world, following international marathon routes which can take them anywhere from Boston to The Great Wall of China. They wear the very best running shoes to benefit their needs as runners, constantly working to be faster and more efficient.

Below are some of the best marathon shoes for beating your personal best in any marathon. These shoes have characteristics of generally being lighter, lower to the ground and with a lower heel:

  1. Brooks Ghost 12. These are so good they could be your race day shoes. Since they are extremely lightweight, with enough to be able to pick up the pace when you need to, these are a go-to for many runners, novices and experts alike.

  2. New Balance 890v6. The perfect blend of breathable and pliable with Revlite foam midsole material. If a heavy shoe is what you are trying to avoid, this may not be the shoe for you.

  3. New Balance 1400v6. If you like the NB890, you’ll love this one. One of the best support sneakers for the run, this shoe is extremely lightweight with stability features. It offers excellent cushion for road feel.

  4. Saucony Liberty ISO 2. Built specifically for the long run with sturdy construction and support. Although the price may be one of the highest in this category, you truly get what you pay for. 

Marathon Shoes: Get Running

For all those marathon runners out there, we tip our hats to you. Your determination and fearlessness for the sport is unmatched. From all of us here at Dale’s Shoes, we want to make your running time it’s personal best with the right shoes for you. Come in today and check out our selection of running shoes, as well as leisure and work shoes.