How we dress often reflects our personality, and a pair of shoes is no different! Whether it’s our hair or the colors we don, what we wear can give hints about our personality. And science even shows that there’s truth to the idea! 

Wondering what your favorite pair of shoes say about you? Read on for eight different types of shoes and the clues they give about you and your personality.


If you’re one to slip into ballet flats often, you’re probably pretty adaptable and fit in well in any environment. You’re probably very social, but also love your alone time. You’re likely also hard-working and can be flexible when needed.


If your favorite pair of shoes are sandals, you’re probably a chill person who gets along well with other people. People who favor sandals harbor a free-spirit with a bubbly, smiley personality. If you light up the energy of a room and tend to be the life of the party, you’re probably rocking some sandals. 

High Heels

If a fierce pair of heels makes you feel like yourself, you’re probably confident, forward-thinking, and in tune with fashion. You’re comfortable in your skin, love to socialize, and aren’t afraid to speak your mind. Whether it’s a date or a business meeting, your favorite heels make you feel ready to take on the day. 

Ankle Boots

You might be a natural-born leader if your favorite shoes are a good pair of ankle boots. It’s likely that you’re good at decision-making, comfortable with sharing your opinion, and always ready to defend your beliefs. 


If your friends would describe you as bubby and easygoing, there’s a chance that wedges are your favorite shoes. Wedge-lovers tend to give off a warm and inviting vibe, and people might regard you as having a quiet confidence. While you may have a stubborn side, occasionally, what it truly means is that you’re driven and looking to succeed.


If your go-to pair of shoes are sneakers, you’re probably a great multi-tasker who is always on the go. You take initiative and work hard to get the job done, and you’re probably an inspiration to those around you. Chances are, in between errands, plans, and everything else, you’re sporting athletic shoes to navigate your busy schedule. 


If you’re a loafer person, there’s a good chance your friends regard you as being kind-hearted and sweet. You may even have a perfectionist side and tend to be careful. You always strive to be the best you can be, and you’re probably a very loyal person. Like loafers, you’re reliable, sophisticated, and always in style!

Casual Lace-Ups

Prefer a casual look? You probably love easy, reliable lace-up shoes. People might describe you as effortless, cool, and collected. While you may be a logical person, you probably have a fun-loving side as well. 

What Your Pair Of Shoes Says About Your Personality

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