A runner is a special breed. He or she takes pride in a challenging sport that requires a lot of determination and perseverance. We like to call these runners “crazy”, but it’s mostly because we respect them. Our clients here at Dale’s Shoes are passionate about their running, whether for fun, fitness, or competition – and we’re also passionate about helping our runners get the shoes they need. So, let’s take a closer look at some of the top-quality running shoes that we keep in stock here at Dale’s Shoes. 

1. New Balances 

New Balance makes some of the best shoes on the market today – from running to exercise and every sneaker style in between. The brand was born in 1906 and has had more than a century to refine its style and distribution channels. However, when you’re searching for the best running shoes, sometimes the most important factor is your comfort and health—and that’s why New Balance is a great choice and trust in the running community. 

2. Brooks 

Brooks is one of the top running shoe companies in the world, and for a good reason. They have a long line of shoes aimed at different things, whether you need shoes made for running or need shoes that will help your posture when walking. Of course, their shoes are designed to help with problems such as posture, but their technology allows you to find a shoe that was almost made just for your foot without the added cost of true customization. 

3. Vionic 

Vionic running shoes are the result of innovative design and decades of experience. They aim to give back your natural support, reduce pain, and provide genuine orthotic relief. With their three-zone comfort and arch support, these running shoes are guaranteed to make your next run as comfortable as possible. Vionic understands that an excellent running shoe needs to hold up to specific requirements such as breathability, lightweight material, and stability, all represented in each of their running shoes. 

The shoe you wear can make or break your run. Come on into Dale’s Shoes today and see how our show experts can get you into a pair of running shoes that will last throughout the years and improve your overall run. We carry a wide variety of shoes that help with daily activities such as running and walking. Our experts are here to help you get the most out of your shoe with custom inserts and repairs if you need more customization.