A simple pair of shoes can become a sentimental accessory. They can also be one of your most-worn fashion statements. The hustle of everyday life can ruin your shoe’s beauty and leave them looking dull and dirty. 

Luckily, taking care of them is easier than ever with our shoe restoration services. Shoe restoration is an art form kept alive by professional and experienced cobblers. They work to restore old and worn-down shoes to their former glory. 

Read on to see how our restoration services can help you bring back the life and shine to your most prized possessions.

What is Shoe Restoration?

Shoe restoration is a process that involves cleaning and repairing any problems your shoe may have. These repairs can range anywhere from minor to major issues. Minor repairs might include:

  • Stretching
  • Placing on strap extensions
  • Shoe shining/ polishing

There can also be significant repairs, such as:

  • Placing in new soles 
  • Placing in new footbeds
  • Fixing a broken heel

Rest easy, knowing that our experienced cobblers will take great care of your shoes. 

Why Should I Restore My Old Shoes?

Unfortunately, few people take advantage of shoe repair services. Thus, they need to buy a new pair of shoes more often which might cost them more money in the long run. With a simple restoration, we can have your shoes looking like new without the hefty price tag. 


Bring your shoes into our Daytona Beach store, and we will get started on having them shine like new. For more information on repair prices and other services, visit our website to learn more.