Feet ground us. They allow us to walk, run and jump. Feet get us from point A to point B, and take on many of the tasks of our everyday lives, so they require extra special attention. 

When our feet are hurting, we soak our feet, we get foot massages and foot baths and rub our feet to make the soreness go away. More often than not, it’s probably linked to mis-sized shoes taking a toll on our feet. 

Now, think about a person with diabetes. That throws in a whole host of new issues. 

Finding the Right Diabetic Shoe 

While searching for the right fit should be elementary, it is imperative for a person with diabetes to choose correctly. A study at the University of Dundee in the UK found that six-out-of-ten with diabetes wear the wrong size shoes. Adversely, only about one-fourth wear correct size shoes. 

One needs to look specifically for shoes for diabetics. Diabetes is quickly becoming an epidemic. Many shoe makers and shoe manufacturers are starting to expand shoe lines for the diabetic population.

What To Pay Attention To When Shopping For Diabetic Shoes

When shopping for shoes, the most important step is to make sure to get your feet measured by a professional. Many times, diabetics’ feet, change in size. 

Diabetic shoes have a higher, wider toe box, giving the toe area extra room to move around. As with everyone, toes that rub against each other may cause blisters and hot spots. The difference here is that, for someone who is diabetic, the blisters take a lot longer to heal.

Look for shoes which will support your ankles, arches and heels. Special stabilizers are built into diabetic-specific shoes, as to avoid rolling too far inward or outward. An important tip is: do not walk barefoot or in flip-flops, as these can lead to complications down the line. 

Orthotic inserts help to curtail many foot issues. Diabetic shoes offer deeper to allow extra space for these cushions. People with Type 2 typically use these inserts for better cushioning. 

With diabetes, the last thing you want to think about is foot pain. So visit Dale’s Shoes for a proper fitting, and to get back on the road to walking, exercising and feeling better.