Walking is probably the easiest thing we ever learn how to do. It is one thing we can do without needing to be taught, and we usually go ahead and equate it to other activities that are even easier; i.e. chewing gum. The more we do it, the less we think about it. So while you are walking and thinking about the meaning of life, you will have no idea that you are decreasing the health of your feet with every step you take. Here is how insoles can help you prolong the health of your feet and the comfort of your shoes.

What Negative Effects Can Shoes Have on Your Feet?

When we look for shoes, we tend to trade in comfort for fashion. Often what we wear on our feet is indicative of how we are perceived, so it stands to reason that having the best looking shoe, represents how well off we are. The unfortunate bit is that it seldom represents how well off our feet are.

Shoes that:

too tight


offer no breathing

offer no Arch Support

or adequate spacing

are doomed to give your feet a bad experience in the long run. Bunions, pump bumps, and skin irritation are all some of the very real side effects of wearing shoes that are not tailored to the health of your foot.

Not to mention, the long term effects of shoes that have no support on your feet could lead to unnatural foot alignment, broken arches, and even back pain. All symptoms that can heavily reduce your quality of life. So how do you lower these occurring with your feet?

What Are Insoles?

They are a must have for athletic runners for their use in correcting poor running alignment, dispersing weight evenly throughout the foot, and relieving stress in the back. Insoles are not only important for athletes, but for anyone who wants to have healthy feet.

When you experience pain in your feet, the usual tendency is to change your walking pattern. This usually leads to more pain accumulating in different areas, because in changing your walk pattern to something more comfortable, you have actually changed the movement of every one of the joints that allows you to walk. With the help of custom made insoles, you can normalize the way you walk without harming the joints that help you walk.

Why Should You use Insoles?

Insoles are great tools, especially among those who have foot pain, or are older. Arthritis, diabetes, swollen feet, and many other foot problems can be helped simply by changing the type of shoe you wear or by adding insoles to those shoes.

Insoles can be custom fit for each of your feet to accommodate your walking pattern. they are made with soft gel, and should fit snuggly into your shoe. They are great for reducing pain in the feet as well as any lower back pain that may have been caused overpronation.

The cushioning of the insoles relieves the feet of fatigue that would accumulate quickly without proper soles. Every shoe has a sole, but they do not last as long and are usually never custom fit to the needs of your fit. Custom Insoles, however, stick with you forever, and are much cheaper than custom-made shoes.

Walking is the easiest thing we ever learn how to do. And now, making sure your feet are healthy throughout your life is even easier.