While shoes are undoubtedly a fashion staple, it’s crucial to consider more than just the look and style when shopping for the best shoes. The wrong shoes, even if stylish, can cause all sorts of problems, like blood circulation disorders and ingrown nails. 

That doesn’t mean we should disregard shoes that look good, but it does mean that we should be careful when shoe shopping. Our feet endure a lot of pressure, especially if we’re walking often or in an occupation that requires frequent standing. And, according to the New York Times, three-quarters of Americans will experience foot pain at some point in their lives. 

See below, for some helpful tips and information to keep in mind when buying your next pair of shoes.

Know Your Common Shoe Problems

Low-quality shoes can cause uncomfortable issues like calluses, but they can also lead to more serious problems. Issues such as vein, joint, muscle and even spine diseases can arise from sporting the wrong type of shoe. 

Knowing this, it’s important to ensure the shoe has the proper length and width before you make a purchase.

Avoid Buying Shoes In The Morning

One helpful tip while shoe shopping is to not buy footwear in the morning. Legs swell slightly in the evening so, if you’re shopping in the morning, shoes might feel tight. Try going to the store later in the day for the most accurate fit.

The Right Size Is Key

Making sure that the shoe fits perfectly is crucial to avoiding problems in the future. The shoe should fit your foot tightly, but not to the point of squeezing. Shoes also shouldn’t be too loose, since that will stress your leg muscles.

Know How To Try On Shoes

While it’s tempting to slip on one shoe and call it a day, experts recommend trying on both shoes. Stand in the shoes and press gently on the top of the shoe. There should be a half-inch between the top and your toe so you’re comfortable while walking.

Inspect The Inside Of The Shoes

When shopping for shoes, choose a pair that’s flexible and soft inside. A quality pair of shoes will have an insole that bends easily without distorting shape. A shoe with a small, wide heel is also important.

Material Counts

Material is important when buying shoes since the wrong material can irritate your skin and cause problems such as fungal diseases. Some of the best materials include grain leather, suede, and nubuck, as they’re quality and allow your feet to breathe. Additionally, the insole should absorb odors, remove moisture, and kill bacteria. 

Get The Best Shoes For You

Choosing a shoe isn’t the biggest decision you’ll make in your life, but it is important. After all, people tend to wear their sneakers, trainers, and business shoes for anywhere from a few months to a few years. That’s a long time to be uncomfortable if you made a bad call at the shoe store, once.

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