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SAS Shoe Sale All month of October at Dale’s Shoes

$15 off one regular priced pair of SAS Shoes (OR) $20 off two or more regular priced pair of SAS shoes. 

Dale’s Shoes and Pedorthics is having a huge October shoe sale on its entire line of SAS Shoes. Dale’s Shoes offers a variety of SAS Shoes in Men’s and Women’s shoe styles. 

More About SAS Shoes

SAS Shoes is best known for its quality of leather and craftsmanship in each and every shoe. SAS, short for San Antonio Shoemakers, started in 1976 by two shoemakers with a passion for footwear. Knowing they could make a better product than what they’d seen on the market, they started designing. 

With only 13 shoemakers on staff at the time, word quickly spread across the San Antonio area. The public now had a new quality shoe to wear, and they liked it! This small company soon couldn’t keep up with the demand for their product. This quickly forced them to open their first plant in Del Rio, Texas in 1985.

Fast forward to 2019, and SAS Shoes now have over 200 shoe stores and are sold at retailers in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Panama, Chile, Israel and England. Their product has remained relevant throughout the past decades, keeping up with demand and design. 

An astonishing 42% of the SAS workforce has showed their loyalty, staying on board for more than 15 years. These numbers reiterating SAS’s dedication to their staff and product shines through. All starting from a small office in Pittsfield, Maine and two businessmen pursuing their dreams, they have launched a solid shoe company. Still operated as a family owned business, this is definitely another American success story. 

And, as they say in the business, the rest is history…

SAS Shoe Sale

Dale’s Shoes is proud to offer the SAS Shoe line to their customers. This sale is good through the end of October, 2019. Shop their selection today while saving a few dollars!