Shoe cobblers have made their way through time as a necessity for the well-dressed individual. Once the domain of the wealthy, shoe cobblers have been able to service all walks of life throughout history. If you find yourself going through multiple pairs of shoes instead of getting them professionally repaired, you could be wasting your time and hard-earned money. In this article we will take a look at the brief history of shoe cobblers and how their industry has grown since its start. 

History of Shoe Cobblers

A general cobbler’s shop is a place that repairs, alters, and manufactures shoes. Cobblers used to be many small independent shops dealing with the necessary maintenance of shoes. Up until the 18th century, shoe cobblers were the main sources of hand-made shoe wear. Although this process took time, the shoes were carefully crafted and lasted longer because of the attention to detail that went into their creation.

Many people back in that time didn’t have the luxury of owning multiple shoes as they do now. This made it being a shoe cobbler a lucrative business since people took better care of their shoes. Instead of purchasing a new pair of shoes, many people would bring their favorite footwear for small repairs which would extend the life of their favorite shoes for years to come. 

Evolution of Shoe Repair

During the 20th century, industrialized countries like the UK and the US started developing large specialized shoe manufacturing industries. As a result, the production of shoes shifted to factories, and cobblers’ shops almost disappeared. 

However, many high-end designers and quality manufacturers are still around today, producing hand-made products for their customers. People are even willing to pay top dollar to have a curated pair of shoes tailored explicitly to their feet to make shoe wear more comfortable. 

Shoe Repair Today

It can take years for a shoe cobbler to understand the business and many of them come from generations of cobblers that have passed down their secrets to the family business of shoe alterations. While working as an apprentice you are taught how to make different repairs on a variety of styles, and materials in order to perfect your skills. This really is an art form that cannot be learned over night and involves getting your hands dirty. 

When it comes to the life of an everyday shoe, the best way to keep them in good condition is to visit a professional. Throughout the years, your shoes can get damaged by the environment and overuse. A Shoe cobbler can fix all different types of damages such as:

  • broken heel
  • soles
  • footbeds
  • exterior damage such as stains or holes 

Getting your old shoes can extend their life and create less of an out-of-pocket cost to you when you get them professionally fixed. 

Although shoe cobblers may not be a booming profession, it is still an art form that plays a vital role in our society. Not sure where to find your nearest cobbler? Well, look no further than Dale’s Shoes. We have professional shoe cobblers ready to help you with all your shoe repair needs, stop by today!