Pain from a foot or leg related injury might be enough to stop you in your tracks. It can make everyday tasks such as walking or standing, uncomfortable, and challenging. 

Luckily here at Dale’s Shoes, we build custom orthotics that can help manage your pain. Today, we’ll be discussing the many benefits of insoles to consider when managing issues like these. Also, the bonus effects they have in preventing future complications. 

What Are Insoles? 

Insoles are a type of orthotic that can be custom-fit and placed into any kind of shoe. These inserts allow the user to benefit in many different ways, including: 

  • better comfort
  • customization between shoes and differences in feet
  • relief from painful feet

Another bonus to using insoles in your shoes is that you can remove them at any time. You can also switch insoles out between shoes, meaning you won’t need to spend a ton of money on different pairs for every shoe. This is a cost-efficient way to help you manage and prevent foot or leg related injuries. 

1. Comfort is Important 

When you suffer from foot pain, one of your first priorities is usually finding a comfortable shoe. It’s the day-to-day comforts that can make your life easier to manage or start to wear you down. When it’s the latter, these issues can make everyday tasks difficult and really start to affect your mood and lifestyle.

Added comfortability from insoles can make your day a lot easier to get through. It can also help to ease the stress that being in consistent pain may cause you. 

2. Weight Distribution 

Proper weight distribution is essential for preventing injury to your legs and feet. This allows your muscles to work the way they should, preventing further damage or injury. If the muscles in your feet and legs are unbalanced, they won’t function correctly and you may be at higher risk for potential injuries.

These injuries tend to include: 

  • shin splints 
  • plantar fasciitis
  • hip pain 
  • knee pain 

3. Prevention & Protection

Taking the necessary steps to prevent foot issues right now will help you in the future. Adding insoles into your shoes can help in many ways, a few of which include: 

  • correcting balance when walking 
  • prolonging endurance 
  • reducing fatigue 
  • preventing bunions
  • stabilizing ankles

If you are trying to manage your feet or leg problems, adding insoles can have a whole range of potential benefits: 

  • arthritic joints 
  • foot pain 
  • back pain 
  • neck pain

Benefits of Insoles

The benefits of insoles are many and can be applied to anyone suffering from foot, leg, or even lower back pain. They can also be preventative, reducing the risk of problems developing in the future.

At Dale’s Shoes, our custom inserts and fittings are made to fit your unique foot shape. This will give you added comfort and benefits, bringing you back to your everyday routine. Contact us today to find out how we can create custom orthotics for you.